Welcome to Bowman’s Beach

If you are the kind of person who easily falls in love with beaches, brace yourself for falling head over heels with Bowman’s Beach in Sanibel Island, Florida.

Sanibel is globally acclaimed, not just for the natural beauty that the place boasts of, but even for the reputation that it has when it comes to the protection of the lives of the animals and plants found in the place. Wherever you go in Florida, you will never find anything that will resemble Sanibel.

Captiva Island and Sanibel Island are being connected at the Blind Pass situated in the northern tip of Sanibel, making them considered as a single island. Aside from the various breathtaking features that attract more visitors, these two islands are both boasting of fabulous beaches. One of these beaches that you will surely love to visit is none other than Bowman’s Beach.

Without any trace of doubt, Bowman’s Beach can certainly be considered as one of Florida’s finest beaches, and a lot of people who have visited Sanibel will surely claim as the finest beach in the place.

Bowman’s Beach does not have any nearby hotels, condominiums or houses. Above this beach, you will find a thickly wooded area, where a trail parallels Bowman’s Beach for around a mile that leads to the northern part. The beach has a wider sport near its parking area, but when you walk northward, the space will gradually narrow.

If you will drop by the place, you need not worry about parking because the beach has a lot of space for that. You will need to spend some time walking before you reach the beach, wherein you will have to pass by the restrooms, outdoor shower and picnic tables. Then, you will need to cross a footbridge, pass through some more woods before finally trekking over the stunning grass-covered dunes to reach the beach itself.

Bowman’s Beach is highly popular, drawing a steady yet not that overwhelming crowd, so you can expect for a peaceful and somewhat private beach activity. And even if the beach is situated in Sanibel’s northern part, Bowman’s Beach is still facing southwest. Here, you will have an incredible experience of seeing the magnificent sunsets, even if the sun is not setting directly before your eyes.

Without a doubt, visiting Bowman’s Beach will be one of the most memorable experiences that you will ever have in your entire life. The place is just the perfect place where you can take some time off and just relish the wonders that nature has in store for you.

If you would like to spend a serene time to take some rest away from the noise and sounds of the busy city, Bowman’s Beach can be your ideal choice. With nothing to offer but pure and natural resources that can make your eyes full, there is nothing more that you can ask for. Take some time to check out Bowman’s Beach and experience the wonders of nature for yourself in the best way!

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